If I set up a new tank small tank using some water from an established tank do I still need to cycle?

I want to setup a compact prob 15 gal guppy tank for my son.So plainly take drinking water from the established cichlid tank do i still really need to cycle this or do anything particular before adding a number of fish

The valuable bacteria you require is not inside water.It truly is in the actual filter and around the surfaces with the aquarium, small, and adornments.So moving water will only put nitrates towards your new aquarium.

The best and fastest strategy to cycle should be to use sieve media originating from a established tank.You could also take quite a few gravel originating from a cycled aquarium, and set it inside a media case or nylon stocking to support cycle an innovative tank.

In short the answer is, yes you continue to need to cycle, and this is why.That’s called seeding also it does speed up the method.The problem is usually that the water is not really where almost all bacteria can be found.Most will be in the sift media by itself or that substrate or maybe decorations.

Concerning found any discussion over a good forum to do just what you’re talking related to, so I can link that:


That definitely will need to help velocity it way up, but it’s still finest to delay till that readings are usually right.

Hope this kind of helps and best of luck!

Even though it’s not necessary to technically must cycle ones water.I nevertheless would get it done.Just doing a simple fishless cycle will take 1-2 many days.Maybe less when using the water you’re using! I’d add the lake, and period it for the week with all the new separate out (assuming you’ve got one) then add your species of fish.

This really is just your suggestion.But most likely don’t have to cycle ones tank.

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