I think my hamster hates me! :(?

I acquired my hamster personal trainer days in the past.At Petco (before i bought her) your woman was hence sweet and i want to hold the woman’s without biting down hard me.Last night, I traveled to Petco again to get her a home and doggie snacks.I enquired the lady to show me tips on how to hold your girlfriend.She showed and gave me the hamster to try holding your girlfriend myself.She couldn’t bite me personally and ended up being pretty calm and didn’t back off.I tried holding your ex again after i got dwelling so Possible put your ex in the woman ball nevertheless she little bit me.WHEN I didn’t possibly smell such as food.What must do when i started making her on it’s own more and also just enable her can whatever yet i dont realize if she will ever get used to me.Jane is my 1st pet.

hello generally there,

your hamster doesnt can’t stand you, he just must be tamed, this often takes a few weeks _ dont consider the chew to heart.This is usually how WHEN I tamed my personal hammy

first wash your hands and simply put your relinquish the crate, your hamster may nip then you definately, just to measure your not food.after i did this particular with my hammy post closed my fist and also just offered him the skin on the front of my personal hand, the harder to help bite you there.do this just the summer days right up until hes not necessarily bothered through your side.you could have to wait a little while each occasion for him to visit near your hand

then look at feeding your own hammy something you realize he loves.I got my hammy some sunflower seeds for this because this individual loves them, but theyre modest seeds so if you are worried with regards to bites choose a bigger pumpkin seed starting:)

ok so congratulations , you put your relinquish the parrot cage, let your pet sniff everyone as regular, then give him somewhat as normal.then you can search just lightly stroking his / her back.do this just the summer days way too until this individual doesn’t truly care that the touching the pup.

after allllll this kind of (patience ought here seriously lol) you can search picking your ex boyfriend up.try taking the most notable of the cage off and choosing him upward by settling your TWO hands sometimes side associated with him plus scooping your pet up this way.when you need to do this get him experiencing your, not ones fingers to ensure that he’ll possess more difficulties biting.if you will find this way a difficult strategy to pick up you then can put it off until a person’s hamster will be stretched out there looking outside the cage (and organization escaping) and then nab him:D

Even if you didn’t scent like foods she often have smelt some thing odd of which she did not like.She may are also startled through something.If you picked her up even though she ended up being sleeping, hamsters typically bite any time theyre currently being handled when theyre sleepy.Don’t cease handling her! Handle the girl everyday.Although she gnaws you, and soon she will be used to you as well as smells around her.Your lover just desires time.Enjoy.

Leave your relinquish he cage just the summer minutes daily; and constantly be sure your hamster is usually wide awake (NEVER wake up a sleeping hamster) just before picking your ex up.Hamsters are generally nocturnal, so to keep your hammy healthy and balanced, only play with her when she’s awake; and that’s usually through night.

i improve hamsters quite a few times many people just dont like to be stored hold these anyways u ought to tame these people she may not have bittin oughout before but they need spots some people dont prefer to be touched like many of us do merely try figure out her nono spots

She may well be getting familiar with the different home and stuff

she doesnt desire to be heled.

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