I need some guidence with my fish tank situation?

I’ve a 29 gallon tank that has 5 tiger barbs, a red tailed shark, as well as a pictus catfish.They all get along and all, but my tiger barbs won’t let this pictus along with shark take at eating time because they act just like little pirhanas plus eat no matter what I decline in.they even take that algea wafers I place in end of it.I’m thinking about returning these individuals and updating them that has a different school of fish as the pictus and also the red tail are my own favorite.Can i take backside the barbs and obtain bleeding soul tetras or something (suggestions) With thanks!

Yes, i might take the actual barbs back for the reason that do act like little Piranha’s general health are in the shoal just like piranha.I might take them back and have a college of african american skirt tetras general health are my personal favorite of all community bass.

Well recommendations the matter.A reddish colored tail shark can not live their entire life in a very 29 gallon tank.By time it is definitely adult it will eventually need FITYFIVE minimum, so you’ll probably decide to to think about returning him or her, or just make sure to up grade the reservoir before he gets to big or perhaps aggressive.Maybe you have tried making pellets for the catfish That tiger barbs would find some good but most likely miss a few too.In any other case, sure, come back them, they are not my favored fish.Most tetras could be fine because tank, furthermore some a reduced amount of active or maybe aggressive barbs.You may always complete guppies or maybe platies, zebra danios, any kind of small schooling fish truly.

Is the cousins reddish colored tail shark 6 inches Otherwise, he just isn’t fine, he could be already ill.

Fascinating, you tend to be wrong, that may be so strange.

A Red-colored Tail Shark demands 55 gallons minimal.If you’d a much larger tank that wouldn’t be a problem.

Upgrade to somewhat of a 55 or remove the shark.

5 inches isn’t max size, that’s slower growth size.

Fish stores will not take back fish until dead and perhaps then you must bring in the water taste.

Nope merely wait till additional fish tend to be full as well as feed these individuals at several times.

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