I need help with my pregnant platy asap please?

She is really currently pregnant and your ex tummy possesses formed any box with the back again by the woman’s anal termin it looks like she’s completely ready but she’s just sitting at the bottom of your tank for hours on end not doing anything.Is the lady holding your fry intended for longer or perhaps what POST do particular breed of dog live bearers nevertheless I’m unclear about platys.Lots of info about it could be appreciated.10 things best answer

She will probably give birth and labor soon the soo luckly they may be soo amazing

the thing you need to do is to secure a breeding field they market them during places exactly where they sell fish.
It is advisable to place the breeding box while in the tank it should float for the top with the tank.it should also have not one but two compartments one the place that the mother sits along with the other the place that the babies will certainly drop right down to after they’re just born.
Ater a minimum of a morning of not having a baby remove the actual mother with the breeding field otherwise if your babies frolic in the water up outside there compartment they have got a 50% chace of the mother eating them.

try to getting a speciel survive food for them yet scrunched in place fish flakes will conduct fine it just means it will take them a while longer to cultivate!
a month when they look totally grown they are ready to swim freely with the other fish

all the best .x

It’s really planning to depend on how much time the platy has become pregnant.They’ll remain pregnant for around 3-4 days, while the actual fry absolutely develop in the new mother.So long just like you have excellent water disorders, no abnormal algae plus whatnot, it ought to be fine.She’ll give birth to measure just since other survive bearers, and I’m certain you’ve seen for alternative signs just like Ich, infection, etc.You can try placing the woman in a further tank using good normal water flow and a good amount of plants for the fry to hide whenever she as a final point gives beginning; basically separate her in the event that it your lady really appears unhealthy.

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