I just dropped my rabbit from about 4 feet onto tile floor.?

He looks fine, but I’m sure rabbits will not show their own pain.I’m sure if I notice everything odd within the next day or two to call up the vet, but there has to be anything We can do now My business is in full shock and feel bad.:(

take it to the vet to be positive, look for change in behavior.

Rabbits are a lot like small kittens, there’re fragile and also sometimes you should not show just about any pain.You might feed them some lettuce or another type of food the idea likes; along with just preserve it satisfied.Observe the best way it corners, the way it behaviors, and the way in which it acts when you play and also interact about it, and the amount food its eating in conjunction with how a lot water it’s drinking for the next SEVERAL days.When you see nearly anything change, and then call the particular vet; because you could have damaged anything.

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