I have pet rat questions… please help!?

okay number 1…should post get puppy rats variety two…can i get boys, girls, or perhaps mixed range three…are you wanting should when i get and also number three…do they make great pets you need to and give thanks to you(:

1.Yes, definitely!

COUPLE OF.I would get a couple boys.I’ve had each, and POST prefer greater cuddly rodents, and females tend to be more adventurous and also active.Both are sweet though, and yes it just is dependent upon your inclinations.You can’t fail either method!

THREE OR MORE.AT LEAST two.They are doing much improved in twos.I’ve obtained 5 boys a single cage, SOME girls within another, and so really, as many as you could handle, on the same sex, in a new cage will be best.:)

FOUR.They produce amazing animals.They are generally easy to coach, very fairly sweet, and highly intelligent bit of animals! I are unable to imagine my life without these people.

Uncomplicated to train
Litter train-able
Rarely do you want find a new rat that will bites (out in the 30 and also so rodents I’ve have, I’ve simply been injured once)
Can eat almost all anything (though a new lab hinder makes thte most effective stable diet)

Can smell in any other case paid in advance properly
Aren’t low preservation animals…on all
Need frequent attention/time beyond cage
Harmful reputation, which not surprisingly, is completely wrong!

Wish I made it simpler for.:)

UPDATE:DO NOT breed, you should.Let that breeders achieve that.There could be anywhere by 3-24 kittens in the litter.Of your lot to take care of, especially for the initial rat operator.

1.Only if you want a pet rat.
COUPLE OF.Boys Truly heard may sit on your shoulder, while females may be energetic and desire to explore (I’ve simply had girl, and many people never sitting still) Should you mix these people, you could end up receiving babies.
THREE OR MORE.More in comparison with one, at the very least two.Rats are very social and if you don’t plan to pay money time and effort with 1 rat it will need somebody.Plus another rat helps it certainly not be imply, and present it an individual to hug with during the night.
FOUR.They tend to be wonderful animals, I’ve 4 rats and also loved them all.
Pros is it are extremely intelligent, pretty social, and rather fresh animals.they can get along with dogs and also cats, and can possibly sometimes play at their side.they tend to be easy for you to please, give them away a fresh paint dish (unused preferably) together with peas as well as water plus they will go crazy.

Cons are they do stench, mine chewed within the bars of these cage considerably, they are still rats for them to think which they don’t need to listen to your account, females are definitely prone for you to tumors when compared with males.

I’m not necessarily listing the many pros and cons (if I did I’d become here most of night) however it’s just up to you if you may get these individuals.They are generally wonderful additions to the family, if you receive one a person wont become unhappy for it.They will probably do a thing everyday this just can make you take a position in wonder.

sure it can be your judgement.boys are considerably more sweeter and also calm girls tend to be more hyper and also curious (too interesting sometimes)your desicion.its good to get 2 for a pair will be great pertaining to

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