I have a reptile question. I want a lizard but idk wich one..?

Hi there! I’ve already been wanting to get a bearded dragon for quite a while now.But I’ve 4 newer brothers well the first is 15 consequently he knows wats taking place ,.But I’ve a 15, 8, 4 year old siblings and I need to to understand the temperament on the Lizard will be.My brother laughed and said a leopard geckos became good by using people.But ya any kind of reptiles could be good for my family And naturally we could well be handling the idea.so a reptile it doesn’t like to get handled probably would not be good for many people.And the brothers usually are gental together with animals.So that they won’t move it or maybe anything cuz they have held parrots kittens puppies as well as a rabbit.But wouldn’t it possibly be ok in the event we bought it for a baby.So wats a fantastic starting lizard Thank u in advance:)

1.Leopard Gecko
COUPLE OF.Bearded Dragon
THREE OR MORE.Crested Gecko
FOUR.Blue tongue skink
SOME.Tegu (not golden tegu as well as columbian tegu)

Bearded dragon can be easier to help keep because regarding its feeding habits.They feed on both fruit vegetables in addition to live food for instance crickets.Superworms DEFINITELY NOT mealworms while mealworms are inclined to cause intestinal tract impaction which can result in death.

I began with a new leopard gecko which i still have there’re gentle simple going dogs but bearded dragons can be good intended for begginers

A Leopard Gecko could be great.They are usually really warm and friendly and great for novices.

Get a person’s beardie, but often look for one along with some width.Babies certainly are a little harder to deal with.

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