I have a fancy tale guppy (platy) fish. Anybody know how to tell if it’s a boy or a girl?

Guppy and platy tend to be two various fish.

Sexing Platy and Guppy tend to be pretty uncomplicated, the female have a round anal termin the males have a very pointed upon, like that:



Having guppy, this males are bright along with colorful tails, the female tend to be more dull.Exactly the same fin comparison works far too.Also the gravid identify is easier to see, and can also be a way to tell with platy but is usually harder upon darker coloured platy.
woman guppy:
Males guppy:


So do you find it a guppy and also platy
GUPPY males are definitely colorful, and also have larger butt with USUALLY ARE COLORFUL as opposed to the females.
Whenever its the platy, The guys bottom fin is very sharp, but females will be round.

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