I have a 7′ high cat tower, but the upper most ("3rd story") tower’s are coming loose. Anyone fixed this befor?

The primary and minute tales have grown sturdy, general health usually are anchored in place by platforms above along with listed below your tips of which th kitten tower manufactured.The very best tale provides 3 systems, and two have got shattered down previously andf the other is rather free…general health are usually just anchored around the bottom level, possibly not the top end and bottom such as remaining system.

The actual articles I used to be speaking about are now itching articles, while each top towers split away from, I could view the within on the scratch posts which can be a type of cardboard boxes.It comes with an adhesive which will glues a plastic-type, threaded put faitth on for any submit in order to prop in the system.Problem is usually, those people plastic material issues included in the system the people mess in have appear absolutely right out the scratching place podiums.

I aren’t able to resolution appropriately with out seeing it may possibly people require almost any photographs involving this Serving the idea need to be Glued backside or bolt tightened as well as nailed.

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