I have a 30 gallon tank.Not sure what fish to put in it?

I’d like to see a calm tropical fish tank.
Below are a few fish i’m keen on:Cherry barbs
Albino Cory or perhaps Panda Cory
Zebra Danio
Clown Loachs
Have any kind of ideas

Of what you have listed, this clown loachs will not work.That they get as well big.

This cherry barbs, danio, tetras, and cory are usually all training fish, and that means you need at the very least 6 regarding them

This guppies, mollies, platies, and swordtails are usually all stay bearers.So they may have fry in case you have males and also females.The fry will probably all more than likely be eaten by other seafood.But just always remember you might have some innovative and unexpexted additions in your tank.To be able to avoid undesirable fry, either continue single species of the fish, or perhaps keep most males or all females.The numbers you keep of that live bearers is as long as you.They is not required to be held in classes.

I might get a new school connected with cory for your bottom.Then I might get a new school connected with 6 cherry barbs, and SIX tetra of your choice.I might not get danio.They’re very effective fish, nearly chaotic.I just now don’t for instance them.

Then I might get 4 or 5 male guppies.That will probably add loads of color gadget your gas tank.

If you really want a pleco, purchase a bristle nasal.They are usually great cleaners and also stay small enough to be in the 30 for a lifetime.Great very little fish.

I might then purchase a single angel seafood, or an individual 3 position gourami.This would be a person’s center part fish, and actually set all this off.

This would cover the end of that tank when using the cory.The center will hold the schooling tetra and barbs.The superior will hold the guppies.Plus the Angel or perhaps Gourami will probably swim across, and you should be a great addition.

That may be what I might do.Everyone with ones choice.

6-panda or perhaps albino corys in order to eat left over food,
6 tetras (2 inches width or less) to increase color,
4- masculine fancy guppies unless you want fry then 1 male 2 female to increase color and types of fill the tank,
they’re a brilliant combination regarding colors in addition to schools you will have alot with fun whatching your schools in addition to seeing that colors zip all-around your tank.
best of luck

U could put in place some gouramis or maybe somthing that adheres to that.If u want a new slightly a lot more aggresive seafood u could easily get a piranha and also oscar inside there.If ur ok with brackish water(slightly salted) u coulod put in place pea puffers or maybe green discovered puffers.

Cory catfish

The personal very best!!!

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