I have a 10 gallon tank and a very easy going Blue Male Veiltail Betta what else can live with it?

Our betta is rather easy proceeding and isn’t going to flare or hide if near an additional male fish…not inside the same aquarium we put the tanks near oneself, but the other one would flare plus made a bunch of bubble nest.

I possess a heavily grown 10 gallon using my guy betta and also he world comfortably along with:An otto pet (for algae manipulate, but they get up to THREE inches), quite a few white clouds, a guy cherry barb (the A COUPLE OF play with the other person and enjoy tag throughout the plants lol) including a zebra nerite snail.Hope this particular helps

You may try a number of African Dwarf frogs Conceivably 2 There’re by much my preferred aquarium puppy! They are relatively simple going in addition to slow shifting, but they’ve got poor eyesight and may even nip with the betta’s tail as long as they believe it is food.And they should should also be taught to have from forceps considering that the betta will probably get to the food just before they sometimes notice it’s while in the water.

Every of our favorite internet sites on all of them:



Good luck if you decide to go pertaining to them! I hope you like them approximately I do!

i have my fish fish inside my FIFTEEN gallon container with additional small somewhat aggressive perch, like tiger barbs.My fish fish does not hurt everyone but she has definitely established dominance.

dont fit two adult males together.just have a shot at a molly and also platy or any other fish the choices see if he dosent combat, its alright.good good luck!

A few passive/non-aggressive bass could live about it.just don; t put two male Bettas with each other.

Maybe your snail, but thats only if you have algea growing about the sides.As well as whatever snails take in, I’m not really totally sure.

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