I have 30l biorb, 3zebras,2platys,2guppys. Water level all ok. Been offered 4 neon will it over stock?

Ammonia & nits most ok.

already overstocked.

3 zebra whats Danio’s
In case you have danio’s make sure you take these out general health need no less than 60cm much time tanks all around health are quickly swimmers.
Also are you experiencing male as well as female or a real mix of guppies When you have a mix as well as just girls, you could end up receiving baby guppies.
30L tanks are usually just within 8 YOU gallons, so no a bit more take much more.

Furthermore, neons require long tanks, and should be in groups of as a minimum 6, so even when it wouldnt overstock, an individual shouldnt take them.

No a person’s fine……..but it would be better if you only got like 2-3 in the neon tetras recall the rule every ” per gallon though i dont utilize by that will rule my partner and i go buy every bass every gallon……….I realize your tank must be glowing with all those hardy bass:)

Your tank has already been severely over-stocked.I’m amazed your own water concentrations are o .k.Neons require a 30 gallon oblong tank, bare minimum, to get room to be able to swim.

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