I have 2 dargon fin fish! i dont know if it is a male or female… how should i know it?

There are one kinds and a couple of entire friends and family of fish I recognize of which are called dragon cid fish, that is certainly what There’s no doubt that you designed to type.Your whole polypterus household is sexed by the anal termin.In adult males, the anal termin is a lot thicker.My avatar is usually a polypterus senegalus, also referred to as a dragon cid fish, dinosaur eel, senegal bichir(and added names.) In case it’s among the list of others, your scientific title or some sort of picture would help.
Polypterus is also the only ones called dragon fin fish which may have tubular nostrils if that allows.The other family connected with fish is arowanas that have distinctive barbels upon their cheaper jaw.

I hope there are a big aquarium, the most compact species connected with fish that happen to be called dragon fin fish increase 10 in order to 12 inches width.

Illustration belonging to the difference:


The difference won’t be apparent in juveniles, solely adult/near adult fish.


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