I had this same question but i dont know how to comment on it :( so is 25 gal. enough for a single piranha?

Absolutely not.
Piranhas need to be in colleges of as a minimum eight and also nine, and your commonly-sold kinds get to be a foot plus a half longer, so as a minimum 300 gallons would be your barest lowest tank dimension to even thind in relation to keeping these folks.
In the event you keep one piranha in a tank, incidentally, it could generally acquire so stressed that it will bash itself for you to death from the tank glass, or if not die very at the beginning.

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Such as, what have you been trying to be able to keep

Edit – thinking about your other questions..with regards to red abdominal piranha.25gal :totally not possible, and some sort of 55gal is just not much much better.

That is the piranha, by using my hand for machine.And you want to put that from a 25gal fish tank



Nope.Piranhas tend to be schooling perch, so you’ll need at the very least 6 intended for them for you to thrive plus be satisfied, and they get pretty large.Better think about getting a thing smaller….

You have to have a classes of at the least 5 or it will not take (group feeding frenzie)and so should you gget simply no other fish you could pull them off in a very 70-80g

No, not even close.

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