I got a couple red claw crabs about 2 weeks ago?

Affected person I idea one were attacked while I eradicated bits with shell, paws and to come back legs…This daybreak Both Crabs are developing the gas tank..so it appears it ‘shed’ a skin/shell..the amount of times may this take place before absolutely grown

It is dependent upon age.They can mold as they definitely grow so you’ll find some sheddings afterward.Can’t really offer you an specific answer, but because they get older the less it’ll happen (similar that will vertebrates crabs in addition do the majority of their growing within the first 12 months of life).

However keep in mind that RCC will be brackish crabs of which need area access, anything to climb on outside water is good enough.If not supplied with way to get out of water, they will drown.

They require elements from the salt (use deep sea salt combine, sg with 1.005 may do) to make their carapaces.

the ‘moult’ (the get rid of skin) will be pale yellow, and hollow.the crab once more is darkish brown together with red claws.

yes the idea does/.

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