I found guppy fry in my tank…help?

Well I’d guppy fry YOUR FIVE month before and when i took care advisors.I nevertheless have all of the guppies inside my guppy fry tank simply because they are only 5 moths hence not adults yet.today, like 30 minutes past, i viewed in the guppy fry fish tank and saw a new tiny guppy.I think it’s new because it’s super tiny and clear unlike whilst.besides i’d 6 guppies and that’s the 7th one.So I’m wondering if your mother could have more or have my guppies witout a doubt eat the remainder..(I had not been home with the entire weeks time so I recently saw this today) and also I thought they are able to mate whenever they are absolutely grown (6/7 months)….

Yes, they can spawn very ahead of time in lifetime.

As well, it can be done the fry has been eaten.Once I’d a reservoir with numerous guppies, and the babies without having good camouflaging places have been eaten.Although, I in addition thought many people only had a few at a moment…

Or else, check in the event that her abdominal is large and silvery (The doable mother) if you are, more fry are in route.

Guppy fry must be separated by sexes as early as you can tell which can be male and female.The males have got a pointed anal fin and the females have a round anal fin.By personal training months, these are fully wanting to mate.A few might be older by 6/7 many weeks, but they will be ready to mate inside a month (I believe).

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