I Don’t LIke The Way My Fish Stare At Me?

I aquired these goldfish sufferer from walmart, and We’ve about possessed it with these and the way they keep taking a look at me.These are just consequently arrogant.I became thinking it will teach them a lesson basically take away my belt plus start whooping the fish’s ***, or what other procedures can I follow to give a punishment a perch.

You are generally just too beautiful.The particular love anyone!

Slowly- gradually, now- covers the tank in your largest pillow case.Don’t end until this fish doesn’t flail ever again.That’ll train ’em, the particular whores…
(Or, you will get super-tiny googly-eye’d creepy-man-with-a-mustachio cups.It could possibly work..)

don’t have a chance! the particular fish that come via Wal Mart usually are awfully mean.They might be checking out you thinking which you may make the right “people sticks”! Brand-new fed this fish well You have to be careful:-)

They are generally fish.They need nothing to undertake besides frolic in the water and focus.Be you; don’t let slightly fish find you.

show these a jar of bleach of course , if that doesn’t work start unscrewing the cap.that could scare this sh*t away from them LOL

cut your switch.

Its certainly not their fault, you understand, sheesh.:(

do something to indicate it of which its ones bItchhhhh.

great luck! its a real pest disciplining small ignorant species of fish, isn’t it

If some people keep glazing at everyone, there must be something wrong on you!

Lol, that will teach ’em.

Stare these people out, will not let these folks beat an individual, you’re working for our own species!

Make Lahoree Fish Curry out of them

that is cruel, get a breeding field and fit them in period out…does one not see supernanny

You manufactured my evening.



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