I don’t know how old my hamster is. Help?

He is young I realize that.To my opinion he appears to be around SEVERAL months outdated.I forgot to inquire the petstore as soon as his birthday celebration was or perhaps how old he is.I obtained him 9/6/11.Will it be too Kate taking him and ask the people today

Btw he is a robo hamster and I got him through Petsmart.

i obtained a robo hamster from other to and a book which includes age he or she looks A FEW months nonetheless it is required to be exact just simply bring him back to their.im positive theyll help

I hesitation PetSmart would be able to help you.I only bought a new hamster after that back around March andf the other person said she had been 3 many months old while another person said she was A FEW months older.I expected the retailer manager in addition to all your lover could express was that will “none belonging to the hamsters are over YOUR FIVE months previous, ” therefore no person in this store knew the precise ages with any of their hamsters and also the best put on do ended up being to guestimate.Other than, it’s unlike they acquire them coming from a reputable breeder.PetSmart and Petco both experience Rainbow, a big breeding mill positioned in Texas which supplies large petstore chains with their stock along with treats the animals horrifically.

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