I bought five fish and one has no tail is that normal?

i got myself five fresh water fish currently (not sure which variety ) they a smaller with a new silver body plus a red butt! i ended up being admiring them a number of hours previously and noticed one has no tail! As we have not had these perch before now i am not very sure weather this really is normal! whenever you can help in any respect pleases perform as i’m concerned about my inadequate little seafood! thanks!

I could well be careful as one could have a condition called tail rot.That is the disease in which eats that flesh with the fins.You can fight that with a number of chemicals just like Melafix.This will likely kill the actual bacteria in addition to promote the actual regrowth of the fish’s tail fin.

The Reddish tail Barracuda is often a predatory carnivore perch that’s related to tetras plus piranhas and could grow for the size of 15 inches wide..If it was kept inside a small reservoir others want it would catch it’s tail fin just like tiger barbs along with serpae tetras could do, if it really is tail fin is not bitten off of too approximately it’s flesh it’s going to grow all over again otherwise it is going to not…whatever treatment get.

Here’s more information about the idea.

Is now there any way you will discover out what sort of fish that is

It might be something name fin go rotten, a rotting in the fleshier aspects of the sea food.Melafix as well as Primifix will be the two most in-demand treatments.I would go to your fish store and appear at both ones to see what kind fits rotting the best.

I agree with Ashley she is incredibly right should your fish has got no tail i might suggest to have it right out the tank as well as treat that with many fin go rotten treatment consult your closest thing pet store for some.treat the idea in a further tank it may well take someday but will not flush him or her!

it will grow the tail……….or maybe die.

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