How would you tell the diffrence between a male and female platy?

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There are a few strategies to telling

-females usually are pregnent, meaning they’ve roud bellies
-females have anal fins designed as fans
-males are certainly not as spherical as girls usually
-males have form of pointy anal fins

Females have got very rounded anal fins.Females have a little gonopodium.A gonopodium is absolutely a fish’s “parts”.Females have smaller ones.Females will also be much richer and a bit longer.

Gentlemen have directly anal fins.Males have a gonopodium, but any male’s is definitely twice the scale of this females.Gentlemen are a lot slimmer and smaller.

Termin, ur:3, ersus:0&tx=49&ty=83
Gonopodium:, ur:12, ersus:13&tx=61&ty=74

female:spherical anal cid, rounded entire body.
masculine:straighter anal termin, slimmer entire body then feminine.

Males have one more time fin upon their waist, and girls have not one but two, also the males get larger fins.

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