How would this freshwater fish set up do? And what size tank?

OK, and so taking that fish’s minimum grouping numbers into factor, you’d include:
SIX Sterba’s Corys.
3-5 Swordtails.(Only you male for each tank.)
5-7 Tetras.(5 is definitely minimum, but I’d select 7 seeing that they’re therefore small.)
THREE OR MORE Guppies.(1 males 2 females.)

The case in point above would likely work perfectly within a 35 gallon and also larger.
Not surprisingly, if you raise the numbers, your volume should increase in addition.

Are you asking what exactly size tank you may need for a lot of fish

You’ll need no below 5 sturby cories, they’re shoaling perch.
You’ll need at lowest 3 swordtails, and they get quite big, as long as 4.SOME inches.
You’ll need at lowest 8 phantom tetras, they’re small in addition to shy seafood.
you’ll need at lowest 4 guppies.
You’ll need a the least 30 gallons.
button the swords to platies, as well as a 29 may work.
FYI, You can’t add each one of these fish towards tank all right away, you shouldn’t add above 2-3 perch every 4-5 days and nights.So you should find a new petstore that will carries these types of fish or even can buy them available for you.

that startup is fine as long as you dont acquire too most fish.purchase a 15-20 gallon fish tank and we’d keep the tetras from a group regarding five regarding them for being really pleased.

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