How to stop a dog from peeing on carpet?

Our male as well as female pet had pups, which means a lot of pee destinations and messes, the man dog in no way had peed on the inside before so it is most likely because with the pups.They may be gone at this point, so were looking to get the male to prevent peeing almost everywhere, we’ve tried having a smell remover out of Petsmart, but you can easliy still odor the pee, and the means the dogs defiantly might too.Were now while using the baking pop and vinegar therapy while steam cleaning, it works A LOT, but still can scent it some sort of tad if smelling the carpet the place that the pee was.Is now there any guarenteed ways reduce this

Almost your whole stain and also odor removers will not work 100% when you just placed it on the carpet.The easiest way reduce odor should be to lift rug up as well as use S&O remover at wood, plus underlament next steam clear the rug.I have experienced to start this a handful of times, plus it always operates great.

Remove your carpet, this means dog are unable to pee upon it any longer.

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