How to save my guppy?

We have three guppies:Lavender, Myrtle in addition to Hepzibah.They reside in a 17 litre (3.SEVENTY FIVE gallons) tank with a pair of other guppies, all juvenile girls.They have a heater along with an airstone, nonetheless no filtration system.The tank is heavily planted.I understand these circumstances are under ideal, but MY PARTNER AND I assure you they are temporary :my 60 litre tank they should often be in will be leaking, and this only different option would be to drop them all in using my betta in your ex 20 litre, which she wouldn’t normally appreciate.So please don’t hate us for gas tank size/lack of filter.I’m executing my finest to pay by transforming 20% in the water everyday.It’s possibly not stressing these individuals – I’m rigorous about that will.I’m utilizing a cup measure rather than a small vac.

At any rate, those will be the conditions they’re in.My most recent guppy, Lavender, is known for a bent back bone.She isn’t exactly a semi-circle, but she’s not just a normal, straight-line perch either (I are collecting freaks — Myrtle incorporates a tail designed like the S).Lavender will be desperately lanky and I can’t seem to obtain her to be able to eat.In the store that they feed many of the fish bloodworms, nonetheless I’m hideously hypersensitive to these kind of so MY PARTNER AND I cant feed them.We have tried blackworms, guppy flakes in addition to shrimp, nonetheless she will not likely take anything.I want to be her in order to eat, because she is unbelievably slender.I do not want her to stop functioning.She’s a really cute, quirky minor thing, and Myrtle is a great deal more badly munted *and* has minor tail immediately after an incident which includes a crowntail betta within a petshop, yet she is happy and healthy.Lavender (the skeletal guppy) isn’t standing with one other two, also, and the item makes my family sad to see her all by himself.:(
Please help my personal little young lady!:(

Peel your skin layer off one or two peas and toss these people in.Peas perform wonders.Try that.

Some guppies obtain bent spines on account of inbreeding.Never put the girl down.

Sorry to speak about so, but This sounds to my advice like your own guppy needs to be put lower.It can’t live which has a bent vertebrae for lengthy.

are you retarded D the matters no apply to by itself.

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