How to parttime raw feed my two dogs?

I would like to incorparate some raw nutrition into the dogs diet program (they are Shih Tzus).I’ll be switching with a different doggie dry canine food before long but I’d personally also like to be able to feed our dog raw and dry.Any ideas

I dont have any kind of a technique set up

but when I’m cooking and now have raw animal meat available

I will give Murph some, instead regarding his kibble pertaining to example

Under no circumstances had just about any problems or even issues…he eats both properly….

I couldn’t bother switching to a new canine food if you are wanting in order to feed raw.I advise ordering your book Serious Food intended for Dogs made by this site.That is certainly how WHEN I started.’s a downloadable E book.I forgot the worth.

The best two weeks Used to do chicken.That you can do other the protein dish, but only allow it to be 1 meat source.Many people do chook because it truly is cheap.Then you definitely slowly introduce other uncooked meats, and a dash of veggies(ground as well as pureed) pay for or a pair of.A tablespoon is a superb plenty.

Many people will speedy their dogs for your first 1 day to start out the detox process..processed foods are packed with crap..after which go right to raw.Takes a few weeks or maybe more for puppies to completely reduce the crap away from their systems.

The easiest way to be able to feed raw is to join this Yahoo groups “raw feeding” and “raw chat”.Study the posts, search this archives, and you can be ready to go in not enough available time.It’s really a piece of cake.

SIMPLE – if you get access to raw meat, feed it into the dog(s).And when not often obtained, feed these dog food.That’s what we should do.It is not rocket scientific discipline.

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