How to I take care of my fiddler crabs?

I purchased them in the pet retail store for $3.00 each and every (bought A COUPLE OF..male and female) thinking I possibly could just drop them around my FITYFIVE gal fish tank with my personal 3 molies plus 2 tetras (and 40 babies, but they’re in some sort of nursery in the top on the tank).But MY PARTNER AND I learned online they need an area to find air therefore they’re a single of my own old good old fish tanks, a ten gallon one particular.I are really ghetto rigged right this moment, with an enormous pile regarding rocks which has a big washboard rock above for them to have air with, and a hill leading up to it.They’re both up on top right this moment.At this store I saw another type connected with filter (it was standing up rather then hanging around the side) along with the water is so heavy in mine due to filter demands deep waters or the item won’t pump (it includes double intake)

But anyway, possibly there is ANY way I’ll have these people in my fish tank or repair the TWELVE gal in order that it isn’t ghetto rigged lol.I likewise tried positioning sand within there for them (when the tank had some rocks throughout it) and I mixed the many sand in the bowl with water in order that it wouldn’t float around the water next time i put the water in.And that made the lake a orangish color (brown sand) in fact it is going everywhere now that the filtration system is in.It’s simply a MESS.How could i fix this specific! please aid!! I such as these crabs plus I you should not want these to cease to live!!

PS- when you can tell me the name of this type connected with filter this stands through to the underside maybe Allow me to get this and all my problems are going to be solved…


I think the sieve you’re service plan is any sponge sieve.
Is generally need your heater.

As well, despite the most popular misconception that they are freshwater critters, these are in point brackish mineral water critters, all of which not live very long in the freshwater startup.

FYI, Fiddler Crab attention info: relation


fiddler crabs Will need to have land thus just shedding them inside there won’t undergravel filtration cant ave crushed lime stone so you’d must remove that sand and put in gravel they’ve little turtle appears that lead outside the walmart during walmart, petco, and also petsmart.if you keep the actual filter NEVER turn for the filter when is sturred in place just wait a couple of hours also it should fall on the bottom.

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