How to get ride of dog scratches ?

our dog set it up scratches across my limb! not including cut amenable but pink little puffy chafes ( when u now the reason ) plus my dog i do believe started to be able to hump my personal arm can this possibly be true

Okay first of all you should cut your dog’s toenails.Also whenever he scuff marks you, hit him on the hand and also nose.Don’t spoil your canine, either.At minimum once before your dog is required to hump you.It is just not anything negative, though.My puppy humps me all the time.Though they are starting to stop.
You need to get Scar Scerum and also that things that after you spray it it stis; but after a while it fix the scratch.The scratch disappears completely after per day.:)

dont be concerned the scuff marks will cure but from the mean moment wear any shirt by using long sleeves.

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