How to get fish less shy?

On the whole.Not a specific type, but simply just most fish on the whole.I often read in which giving fish plenty of places to help hide seems in making them fewer scared.I continually thought it could just generate them hide more, and I am keeping fish a little while.It just seems a little odd in my experience.

Especially, I here’s wandering regarding a Peacock eel.Never owned you before, nonetheless they appear pretty skittish.I’ll give that some large inverted clay cooking pots, and brick “caves” in order to hide around, but I would like the fish being so comfortable so it hand feeds.But I just want him or her comfortable with my 125 gallon.

If your fish is burned out all night and day from lacking a position to remainder and feel secure when it requires it, its gonna be burned out and terrified.If a Fish can feel safe, it’ll be more anxious to investigate, especially knowing it’s a place going hide if it takes to.It’s worked having every fish I’ve kept, we have slate shelves they are able to hide under and they seem to help love them.

When good placed vegetation, driftwood along with decorations can make a species of fish feel safer but still have the ability to be seen from in the garden the tumbler.Good luck with your fish.

encourage them that they are more social.Maybe keep a party in the tank and also invite every one of the fish.Or maybe give your ex anti-anxiety medications…maybe he has social panic attacks…

ye, plenty of hiding areas, heavily planted
approch that tank and be unexpected noises as well as movements.the closer you’re to this tank this slower you.then when you are at this glass on the tank ( nevertheless slowly ) get your appropriate hand strech the idea out put it to get 5 secs in that case feed these folks.doo this every day

be slowly because obviously he’ll get scared and get slower therefore , the fish can easily sorta examine you out there.pick way up your right hand slowly and gradually and generate it dont have a very memory associated with 3 secs that they wil remember consequently feeding this fish will certainly no it is feeding period and ideally swim away, boosting her confidence.this will likely take period so be patience, dont rush

expect i helped.

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