How to gently introduce timid puppy to our home?

We’re enjoying a 6 month old masculine chihuahua.He’s our puppy’s littermate.His home were required to return him for the owners.Anyhow your owners express he’s truly shy and also hasn’t really latched through to anyone imparticular however.Our puppy is incredibly friendly along with out likely and adequately with almost all animals plus people.

What steps will i take to produce the pup feel comfortable How must we deliver him outside of his shell How must we submit the ONLY TWO dogs for you to eachother

And anything you’d choose to add dress yourself in help individuals.


I foster, so My business is always getting new pet dogs home.I have realized the best ways to propose new most dogs is by simply walking them using the existing dog(s).

I have had puppies that begun snarling in addition to snapping at oneself, but following a mile or thus walking with me, they are usually fine with one another.

I typically pair bashful dogs with a more outgoing puppy, because pets learn from both, so you will be actually in a very good circumstance.The new dog will watch your pet dog for cues on how you can respond, and learn how to be more outgoing out of him.

With anxious dogs it is often best not to ever push.Give doggy some room and allow for him to come to a person, rather as compared with chasing your ex.Pet him or her under this chin, in lieu of the top belonging to the head (top on the head can be threatening to be able to fearful dogs).Steer clear of deep tones and utilize light, bigger pitched tones when communicating to your ex boyfriend.Give him or her treats whenever he indicates proper tendencies.

I also have a number of shy promote dogs, and of which approach features worked could with most of them.

First make sure you introduce each dogs upon neutral terrain.A meadow or with the owners home.Then whenever you get home you must have a tiny pen established so you’ll be able to “get” your puppy for outings/potty /walks and never having to chase your ex boyfriend.Always offer a treat just before picking him or her up.Under no circumstances yell as well as move as well fast next to him.Try and hold him whenever possible.Hopefully he will attach for your current doggie which will go a long way in educating him you might be all beneficial people because your overall dog may show him the amount of he enjoys you almost all.I hope it all works out.

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