How to feed chihuahua?? What do they eat? & How often may i give her a bath?

Managed to get a chihuahua for my b-day..early treasure he he or she & she’s 3 many weeks old..What food ought to be a buy MY PARTNER AND I heard they will eat many different stuff..but what exactly & the way often may perhaps i awful her

I feast my Chihuahua Orijen doggy food and give the woman a bath about once per month unless your lady gets grubby…

I don’t wish to be rude but these are generally really fundamental questions that you can have learned long before buying a dog.your dog isn’t really a model and requirements loots connected with commitment.I’d suggest you begin doing quite a few proper investigation on pet dogs and specially chihuahua’ a number of books about the breed adn upon dog training generally speaking.

well its really hard to understand what food to acquire cuz u could dwell somewhere that we don’t so i dunno that brand oughout will just have to attend a pet shop and ask them and we would wash about 1 time a month

Chihuahuas take other chihuahuas, in particular the loaded Taco Bell chihuahua animals.*smh

Seriously Both of those questions may be answered significantly better by your vet.

Dog food.You could bathe her anytime you would like.

dog food.

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