How to cremate my beloved fish, Bubbles?

My own beloved pet, Bubbles has died this night and Now i’m wondering how to go related to cremating him.Any strategies I as well thought that perhaps better to help freeze Bubbles in an snow cube tray after which have the memorial provider, tossing her ice cubed body into your local lake so he can be with fishy heaven once this individual thaws.It is a second solution if cremation does not work properly.Any ideas

This might sound willy odd, but I’m keen the thinking behind grinding Bub way up and
mixing suitable flower bud, and plant a blossom.Every time you examine the
rose your seeing Bub.Alive and growing.Just a thought however….

Ignore the particular rude feedback.So depressing to hear the one you love fish died!:'(
WHEN I wouldn’t deep freeze Bubbles; it’s kind of gross using a dead fish in your freezer.
I’d personally simply conceal Bubbles and produce mini headstone for him, or perhaps throw him into your lake unfrozen.For a second time, so sorry for your loss.

Between this and the prosthetic limb thing, I uncover it hard to consider you seriously.

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