How often should i feed my goldfish?

my spouse and i feed him/ her almost every other day.anybody at the pet shop explained to feast my goldfish each alternate day Once i had A COUPLE OF goldfish..additional died, and today i care how frequently to feed 1 (single) goldfish

hes pretty much 2 years old i think…not positive.

twice per day whatever it could possibly eat throughout 2-4 mins.clean out the remainder to avert waste and also bad environment.

Feed regarding 2 pinches.Not really a lot.7-10 flakes.Twice per day would possibly be good.Keep the tank clean whilst your fish shall be healthy.They could survive devoid of food with a long time.

why did additional die Dont above feed this increases ammonia levels way quicker than able to remove naturaly.

anything it may possibly eat among 2-5 mins.also nourish it Two times a day time.good luck

Just ask him when hes starving.

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