How often should guinea pigs go out and eat grass?

i put mine out each day but is the fact to a lot ( i know they adore to eat turf but anyway) and how much time should when i put them out there for

whilst its warm then its fine to have them out around the grass, as long as they usually are safe through any predaters.

usually two or three hours will do but ensure that they own shade fromt he / she sun (not plastic) and fresh water.

they would eat grass within the wild and not garden type grass.this is usually why we feed these individuals unlimited hay, the following helps keep there teeth down.

If you have no bottle of spray, then you are fine.Make sure this can be a backyard; miles away from the road simply because that accumulates dust as well as being noisy.You’ll be able to let all of them out if you watch these individuals and dont enable them obtain way, thy are usually fast.Once a day for EIGHT minutes is plenty.You can certainly pick cutting blades of turf and put it throughout his wire dog crate too!
Wish that made it simpler for you!!!!:)

Yard lawn isn’t that will good to get them for the reason that parasites and it also could’ve been recently chemicalized.I might just obtain him timothy hay and also orchard turf.That’s that stuff they love to eat, definitely not regular lawn.

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