How much would you pay for this saddle?

Well We have this saddle i got myself for my personal mini horse nonetheless it is to be able to small to me and to big pertaining to her so i am going to get a new one.but the amount of is the idea worth the amount of would you pay for it and can you think of a snappy description

it is just a old saddle with lots of detail and also toe covers, metal horn in addition to dark essential oil leather company tag about it nonetheless in reasonably good condition which has a 12″ throughout seat.

I know plenty of pictures but i want my moneys worth!!

Many thanks sooo considerably!!!

$150-$250 – be sure to use classic, well saved, original, decorator within your description – you want to target someone who’ll appreciate that old antique value with it.not so much the ride-ability.

2 to 5 hundred

I would say with regards to $150-$ looks truly used in addition to old…but post do much like the color.nevertheless , you said it was old.Shiny horn Eww.remorseful.but it could probably opt for about $150-$250

Happy Trails!

$150 :$200.

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