How Much For This Helmet?

Well We are Cleaning out there my approach room and ran into this charcoal velvet operating helmet using its really much could it be worthwhat is really a catchy outline

Thank you!!!!!

It’s a full blooming helmet around good pattern, but it may not be ASTM-certified.You say some individuals small:if it is SO small who’s could fit simply a child, they have NO benefit, because infants must dress yourself in ASTM-certified headgear.If it’s going to fit a grownup, you might be capable to get $10 correctly; some grownups will dress yourself in velvet find caps when competing in under-saddle tuition.

I i believe would never get hold of a used head protection; you have no idea of who’s head have been in at this time there and eventually the structure of the item becomes fewer effective immediately after falls plus such.

Used helmets haven’t any resale price.

Nothing.We’d never get a used headgear.

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