How much does a Fancy rat cost?

Cause while i went towards Pet Shed in Mittagong IN.S.W i bought a nice boy rat he or she is a Berkshire plus i thought they’d only fee me just like 10 us dollars but many people charged my home $50 luckily i had the cash and im only 13 i had been getting excited about spending a whole lot of! Did some people rip myself off

I received mine for a shelter plus i settled only $30 to get 6 advisors.

But at the pet store you should be $10 and also so each, so sure you pretty much definitely got cheated.

you will need 2 simply because rats do greater in pairs

our own rats within uk go from free to 10-15

my furry friend store many people cost $10
around other locations:

feeders are usually $3.55:( weak feeders

dumbos are usually $15

hairless are usually $15

and CERTAINLY they does rip u off that may be really bad!!!

well, quarry costed $9.99, so yes i think they does.

Yes, you still have ripped away from.My rodents were just about all from dependable breeders, and they were almost all $5 :$25

well where i live these are 2 for 12 in pets at your home.and when i paid THIRTY FIVE for SEVERAL off your breeder.

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