How many Silver Dollars can I put in my tank?

125 Gallon Tank w/ FIVE HUNDRED gph connected with filters
-1 Tiger Oscar
-1 Senegal Bichir
-1 Peacock Eel
— Silver Dollars

I realize at the very least 5 can go in now.Maybe keep it during 5 or maybe 7 Possibly not sure

I probably would not trust individuals other bass with metalic dollars.Bichirs and peacock eels are generally predatory piscavores (fish eaters), and Oscars are generally both predatory along with aggressive.
On the other hand, if you will be commited to the experiment, I’m not expressing it’s out of the question.I’ve noticed silver cash with predatory which they in very large tanks.A 125-gallon gas tank isn’t big, but it could be large more than enough.The major is obtaining silver bucks be too big to suit in this mouths associated with any from the other bass.It helps that their particular disk-shaped physiques are tougher for fish to get their lip area around.Full-grown metalic dollars, which are at very least six ins in diameter, are probably large sufficient, but juveniles, which can be what tend to be offered on sale, might possibly not be.It might also assist in have a full school as an alternative to few.Therefore, I might suggest related to 10 and also 12 silver precious metal dollars in that tank.That has a 125-gallon gas tank, your limit isn’t the size in the tank, it’s the tankmates you could have in store for that silver us dollars.

Your tank is completely stocked.Even i you had a significant enough container young gold dollars would be eaten by you some other fish.

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