How many bleeding heart tetras glofish and snails could go in a ten gallon tank?

This will depend on the actual snail, but because you did not specify, I’d personally say JUST ONE.

If i were everyone, I might pick eithre tetras, or glofish.10 gallons is not really big more than enough for the two.Pick one, and have 6.

A FEW of possibly, and just one apple snail will be fine.

You could keep just one mystery snail within there, although that’s that.Tetras as well as zebra danios call for more space over a 10g, more like up to 15g.You could upgrade along with choose often tetras and also zebra danios in addition to keep you school regarding six that will eight in a 15-20g reservoir, or just determine another stocking idea for ones tank.

Here is usually what I would recommend:

– Just one betta sea food with or with not a few ghost shrimp.
— One gourami along with or without shrimp.
– Three or four endler livebearers.

Sad to say, your reservoir isn’t big enough for anything, so It’s safe to recommend choosing one of many above selections.

You won’t be able to keep tetra’s along with danio’s from a 10 gallon gas tank.

how long can be an adult tetra each inch a new fish is actually long, it requires one gallon of water to live in.a 3 inch sea food needs THREE gallons to live on only need just one, depending at apple company company snail can be enough.make sure you have any lid to maintain them within.

General regulation.1 in .of fish per gallon regarding water.Providing you can regular normal water changes.


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