How long will it take these fish to get to a decent size?

here is a video with my orange lab fry

how long will the idea take them to get to a measurement where they’re safe to include in my cichlid reservoir.they will be in a 12-15 gallon aquarium, but are becoming moved to your 30 gallon on monday using the rest of the fish that they live with (includes ebony neons, bolivian rams, COUPLE OF mollies, kuhli loaches, a oto catfish, golden pencilfish).we were looking at in a 10 gallon, but that they needed a lot more room therefore i thought i might add these folks to this 15 gallon to allow them a lot more room, and because fish concerning are not necessarily aggressive post knew they would eat or even attack these folks.

It depends on condition you’ve got them within.
Use reside feed such as bloodworm or better tubifex which has a lot connected with protein.Usually it requires a couple of months.

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