How long does the lyme vaccine last?

POST asked this vet which question just this morning, because this dog is already on long-term cortisone, thus a the booster of continue spring’s Lyme vaccine is usually contra-indicated.He told me that however the DHLPP combo vaccines are studied, and verified to confer defenses lasting the majority of or each of a dog’s life, he is usually unaware connected with similar scientific tests having been done about Lyme vaccine.So whilst it is nonetheless recommended of which dogs end up being boostered every year, the legitimate duration of immunity will never be established.That is certainly likely who’s lasts for a longer time.My vet features never witnessed Lyme disease inside a dog which includes ever happen to be vaccinated.

ask ones vet, they can present you with an exact date it is going to wear off, because they might know when they gave the item.but i’m sure it’s about a year.

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