How does my tank look?

Simply for overall visual appeal.We’re certainly not entirely fortunate enough so this is what we can afford, outside 10 you need to:)

Looks excellent! Especially since fake facilities look thus real and perfectly placed!

However like other people said, a bit more have that numerous goldfish from a tank of this size.


You’ve what, 6 goldfish throughout there That is horribly through stocked.

In addition, real facilities look a great deal of better as compared with fake kinds.It as well needs a new black qualifications.You might get a might of spray paint to get.99cents as well as paint this on.

The room decoration is alright but MY SPOUSE AND I counted SIX big fish and if that’s this particular size of the tank it is just a bit as well crowded.

It’s a pleasant tank.You need to save upward your cash and purchase a 20-40 gallon tank

That fish tank looks AWESOME! Keep that up(; yet i sure hope individuals fish will be goldfish..if there koi-fish your visiting really need to get a very much bigger fish tank…

nice fish tank, but that goldfish need the best way bigger container, at very least 75-100 gallons

that looks like a fine fish tank to me

i like bettas.

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