How does Comfortis cause blindness in dogs?

The dog carries a really negative flea infestation throughout him at the moment.Our friends and family hasn’t provided him Comfortis in a while, but WHEN I remember the idea literally produced the fleas go away completely morning.I has been just studying some testimonials on Comfortis currently, and a variety of them said in which “it caused my dog to be blind.” Carry out any anyone recognize how this happens Please cite your own sources!

To all of the people saying this is not true…read along side it effects….It could possibly when prescribed with a heartworm preventative.Google Comfortis negative effects.

The next adverse tendencies may arise:vomiting; depression/lethargy; anorexia; ataxia (loss with coordination); diarrhea; pruritis (itchiness); tremulous; hypersalivation; as well as seizures.While Comfortis has been found for being safely used in combination with heartworm preventatives that incorporate ivermectin (e.he., Heartgard And also, Iverhart Plus) whenever those products are employed according for you to label instructions, the next may occur but if your veterinarian prescribes extra label using a heartworm preventative (e.he., to treat non-responsive demodectic mange and other conditions):trembling/twitching, salivation/drooling, seizures, ataxia, mydriasis (dilation with pupils), blindness, as well as disorientation.If you are pet can be experiencing any of the above indicators, or people notice various other differences inside behavior (e.he., cough, decrease/increase inside appetite), make contact with your veterinarian.


AJ the challenge is apparently that the idea causes blindness as soon as mixed along with Ivermectin(the medication utilized in heartworm prevention).

i work with it for my own dog without having problems.she’s a flea allergy or intolerance and desires the protection so our vet really recomends this.

horse lover:i by no means said theres no negative effects, i exclusively stated my own experience.all medicines have negative effects tho

Not legitimate.But it might cause liver failure.

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