How do you qualify to become a dog walker?

I’m sure there must be a qualification involved.Any answers can be appreciated with thanks.

Qualifications are you should be able to cling a teather, be mobile in some manner (walk, use a new wheelchair etc) and have a means to get at where ever pet is positioned.There will be no accreditation, requirements and many others.

I’m afraid not.It is a contract somewhere between the householder and owner with the animal(s).

A NEW verbal deal, nothing on paper and nothing at all legal.Its somewhere between two get-togethers who visit an understanding for what exactly is being fixed.

Akin to a documents round, you and the newsagent go to some agreement for money.There’s no qualification essential for what exactly is common feeling and prudence.


theres simply no qualification reqired except your starting off a much larger buisness.

Can people hold some sort of lead

Boom! You are officially skilled.Go out and walk dogs.

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