How do you get a baby duck to love you and follow you around like the girl and the geese in Fly Away Home?

each of our family is definitely incubating ducks and My business is set in getting anyone to love myself……..the question is……..HOW
BTW it is almost impossible to be the 1st one the particular duck considers beacuase everyone inside family throngs around to watch after it hatch.

It’s named imprinting and here’s an magnificent article on how you can do this:

well you’ve got a seperate incubator put it seperate with the others, because mostly first particular person the duck see’s is specialist that your her or his mother.

rumors express feeding the actual duck in addition to being there as it on a regular basis, it’s feelings for yourself will grow as a mother that a its caregiver.

Give him or her food and he can follow everyone forever.

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