How do i take care of clown fish?

I’d like to get 2-3 clown fish as well as some barrier, but i truly can’t find much with regards to them, i want to know:
Just how big to they get
How big of an tank will i need
How do you get my own water for being…well, salty
what exactly are some great tank mates
the time do they will live

and it might be nice to receive an respond to from somebody who has experience together with clown perch, but name like a response regardless.
thanks earlier! (:

– Common (ocellaris) clown fish – 4″ max
— 30gal reservoir (minimum).Best to help keep one pair inside a smaller tank like that.
— you invest in Marine salt mix from an aquarium tank shop
– They might live with all kinds of other small marine fish along with inverts.
– Along with good caution – 5 years or even more.
— They have fish nutrition.

But on the questions you will be asking you will be NO EXACTLY WHERE near ready to buy Clown seafood.Go and purchase a beneficial book about Marine fish keeping 1st, as flaws are easy for making, and high-priced.

Corals certainly are a whole different subject.They have specialist lighting style and top notch care.Worry about this upon having mastered your basic aquarium with Fish and Live Rock.You’ll be able to upgrade the actual lighting in addition to add corals later as being the initial setup is absolutely the identical.

Clownfish are one of the easier sea species to maintain, so there’re suitable education, but planning any sea tank is not going to be cheap.But need to make sure your study and spend the income, you might keep these folks easily plenty of.

More reading these.


How huge do these people get – is determined by the species of clown fish
Tank sizing i’d say at the very least 30 gallons
generate water salty – add sea salt in addition to keep salinity related to 1.024
very good tank mates – gobies, some other damsels, blennies, a few tangs( nevertheless you’d want a a great deal bugger aquarium than 31 gallon)

Mind you there is LLOOOOAAADDDSSS more you should know.

Each of the is for the different selection of clownfish.

google is definitely ur close friend.

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