How do i ship saddles?

thinking about selling some saddles upon ebay for your friend although ive under no circumstances mailed everything so big/heavy, how a few pointer pack the idea and who regarded as a use can there be any exceptional support to set up box they’re all many types too.

I get shipped european saddles utilizing UPS.Position the saddle from a strong common box just prolonged enough and also deep enough for any saddle to fit.Lay it in upside down (laying upon its horn, seat in addition to cantle) flip the fenders in addition to stirrups up in the saddle cavity.You normally takes some bubble wrap if you want and place it about the horn first to help keep it out of scratching.Tape common box well together with packaging tape and you ought to be fine.If it is just a large saddle, be convinced and examine outside sizing’s of box given it may find themselves oversize along with extra shipping and delivery charges.All the best!

I haven’t shipped any, but managed buy one also it came from a cardboard box with shipment peanuts as well as was taped super good.You might want to find the sturdy box and acquire one set as in case you were transport it and obtain it weighed to help decide the lowest amount of expensive way to ship it.Then head over to the delivery places and have for fees.A heavy saddle may very well be expensive, be sure to list the particular shipping price tag accurately so that you don’t acquire stung.

Honestly, I would bite that bullet and bring this a UPS shop, and make them common box it in addition to ship this.I’ve executed it several times a day, each occasion was pretty successful.Should they pack it, it’s certain to arrive within the condition you brought this in, which, in my estimation, is totally of great benefit.I don’t believe the cost was a lot more than this shipping once more.

I possess never pondered shipping saddles! Gosh, I would suggest going to one of many saddle stores and figuring out how they are doing it.Not essentially the most common thing to dispatch.
All the best and let’s know.

Put it in the big common box.Thats just what I complete.

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