How do I get started with having an aquarium, and taking care of discus?

Hi there, a number of years ago, my pops had a good aquarium, but they all died, from what I think was overpopulation.

I’d like to own by myself aquarium at this point, but I’m not sure how MY SPOUSE AND I should get rolling.I recognize discus aren’t for starters, but what will i do that they are ready to look after discus.I don’t prefer to buy them straight away, because POST heard you might want to buy all of them in frames of 4-6, if they perish, it will probably cost lots of money.

And so my concern is:Learn how to get organized for keeping, and conceivably breeding discus

Thanks a lot.

DO NOT begin with discus.
Practice with additional cichilds 1st.

Discus require fairly big tanks, and, most of all, very sparkling water.Discus breeders I realize make waters changes repeatedly a EVENING.
To get breeding, the water should in addition be tender and to the acid part (maybe pH A FEW.0).
Discus prefer warm mineral water; about 82 for you to 86 F.

To get 4 to 6 discus, you will need a reservoir of as a minimum 55 gallons or perhaps so.A SEVENTY FIVE or larger could be preferable.

And so, my recommedation is to go in advance with receiving the tank(s) you’ll need for discus, but begin with easier, hardier species of fish.Convict cichlids and kribs are generally good newbie cichlids.

the best internet site i know to teach you your do-s plus don’t with the aquarium earth is
it’s got a novices section that will starts everyone at day one and continues to expert
i employ this site often even after all time i’ve already been raising fish
to read about discus this url has a piece on fish as well
on the other hand i work with in this purpose
understand that Patience will be the key into a healthy and happy aquarium tank.

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