How do i get hamster poop off his fur? HELP!?

the not wettail you will find poop mounted on his pores and do i get that off

i possessed a hamster while using same issue.:l nonetheless ive observed your just designed to leave it and it also will wash it upwards for himself:)

There’s little animal shampoo within pet stores.If you can’t find the idea, any which works intended for rabbits and also Kittens work at the same time.Warning:It has to be for kittens without for pet cats since kitten shampoos are even more delicate plus sensitive than cat shampoo.

I’ve a prolonged haired Guinea Pig and the guy can get poop compacted in opposition to his pelt and epidermis too.WE use “Bunny Shower Shampoo” along with “Hartz” shampoos.

Get a warm, soapless, and damp wash cloth.Hold it on to the “issue” just the summer minutes.That should work within loosening that up, then just wash it away.

You can always wash him, try to be careful that you do not use an excess of force or even soap that might cause some sort of reaction!


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