How do i feed my apple Snail?

Forums recommended which i feed snails around my freshwater tank.They tell give these people fish nutrition but we’ve another Betta in right now there that eats the food before it ever grows to the snail.How one can solve this problem

You can always work with Sinking Algae Wafers, in our experience betta have a tendency to ignore these.Or you can actually add a small lettuce leaf or little bit of cucumber which is weighted down but if you determine to do this specific then don’t leave it within the tank for more than one hour as the rotting vegetation will soon foul your water level of quality.

If you simply have one particular Apple snail then I would recommend “Hikari Hot MINI ALGAE WAFERS”
and likely feed one particular wafer 3 – 3 times a full week.

Dont above feed! The snails could just feed on whatevers end of it.Get many pellets, many people love people, anyways, enjoy,

Usually bass only eat up to they could, so putin simply just enough therefore the fish will probably be full, but their are going to be food of which he would not eat.

I love apple snails these people look and so cool, I have a azure one around my main tank.Make sure you feed them zucchini, algae wafers and also lettuce.Bettas usually are carnivores so may ignore the following food.

They take in the algae for the side with the tank and also leftover nutrition.They cant actually wear out solid species of fish food.

snails simply just eat no matter what food that’s in your gravel.if theres not any food having down there get some good bottom feast pellets.

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