How do i become a pimp?

I’m a little awkward throughout the ladies, and i believe this occupation would aid me to become more comfy.But what exactly is a pimp The amount do i receive money How do you achieve that position All i know is that they dress great and hang up around a lot of beautiful females.Help please

Well you’ll want to neigh as a horse at all times.And inquire people for you to feed you carrots plus do all those other horsing items.

a pimp is often a guy in which owns women and he or she sells these individuals for intercourse and just what exactly not.
im possibly not suree the amount of you would receive money.
but when i wouldn’t really wind up in this job considering the fights plus legal stuff you’ll have to deal with.
i would likely just discover a girlfriend what about a online adult dating site or even something.

1.Discover yo azz value slutty biznitches
A COUPLE OF.Tell dem to receive they excess fat *** to the corna or you will smack your ho

1) Set your question under:I am a retarded dork.
2) Get rid of the deer section.Never say:Good stallions tend to be kinda such as pimps.THEY ARE NOT!!!

Thanks for any 2 details.

WRONG SECTION!!! I don’t believe any moose people make a crap related to you wanting to be a pimp, which will most likely get you arrested so enjoy that!

Steps to become a pimp:

1) Everyone take ones question right out the horse group and put it elsewhere.

pimps receive cash around 17, 000 weekly depending on the number of girls they want.just come across some hoes along with be for instance bi*ch suck several di*k and obtain me many mo’f*ckin income! don’t have caught nevertheless u might serve 5

You come in the “Horses” part.I would move this particular question towards “Idiots” section.

your in the horse sections but…i obtained your pimp appoint…You would be the real Deer D*ck.DOT MPEG

Thanks for any 2 details! =)

Step 1- Never post in the horses sections.
Step 2- Visit lock yourself in the closet, and throw your computer out your window.

Hire your Pickup Artist to teach you

By ad this in the right sections.


2 details!

wrong section

Sigh….A COUPLE OF points.

Couldn’t consider you far more OTTB, lol!…A COUPLE OF points.:)


What will this have to do with horses

no.pimps usually are not horses!

how serving this get anything to do with horses.

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