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we’ve had a 10 gallon for maybe a week at this point with FIVE juli cory catfish and some type of algae eater(said to acquire 6in) regardless the container wasnt cycled:P rut row but for the bright part they’re just about all living contentedly playing along with eating(i’m cautious on certainly not overfeeding these individuals sometimes skipping daily of food) my spouse and i change the lake once every day about 25% i’m really planning they dont expire i put stress zhyme regarding bacteria in addition to stress coat in order that they can’t be troubled i likewise do a vacume maintaining on our sand any two days is there anything other than them i should do to ensure their security thanks every person!!!:)

Very good on the maintenance.So your looking to cycle now
Do you think you’re testing regarding ammonia along with an API ammonia test (liquids not the strips)
More mineral water changes for the one fretting hand are as good as not plenty of but without knowing in which you endure on ammonia you may be doing a lot of water changes the filtration has no ammonia to begin with the bike.
Which could take for a long time to complete cycle in addition to longer prior to can settle-back and delight in your fresh tank & bass.
Frequent ammonia medical tests and mineral water changes if the ammonia is actually between 0.TWENTY-FIVE – 0.50 will guarantee their basic safety.

Those fish needs to have a minimum of 25 gallons.You might want to upgrade to help thirty.

Be sure you have your filter, the heater, a number of hiding destinations and plants(live/fake).

You are generally doing all the right elements for a good uncycled aquarium.Just make sure you upgrade rapidly.

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